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Christopher Colt in Action by Adventure-Hunter Christopher Colt in Action by Adventure-Hunter
This is probably like the 8th time I have rendered this image since I was a kid. Much to the grief of my kid brother Mykka who is my model for the action pose in this. I am sure there will be another version in the future. LOL! While I condone real violence, I have to thank American and Canadian media for my love of action TV shows and movies. And Christopher Colt is indeed a hero figure. Who Chris is shooting at I leave to the imaginations of the viewer.

As for the city scene, I admit I cheated. It's a photo I took a couple of years ago of downtown Winterhaven, that I played with and altered in photoshop.

Lastly I have been playing with Colt's fashion more. Up till now everything has been ALL BLACK. But I have been opting for other colors, atleast for his turtlenecks: blues, grey and white. This way he matches his/my collect of Vipers. But the black blazer and pants will remain constant.

Thanks to Mykka, my brother for his time.


Chris 'Colt' Conners, this art and all topics and titles within this document and copyrighted. ©  The use of this image by any person outside of myself for any reason is subject to national and international criminal investigation and will be delivered to the perpetrator without delay
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